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Intern International is part of the World City Links group, which has a long-standing reputation in promoting and sustaining partnerships in work and education between the UK and other world cities in Asia, South America and the Middle East. The goal of programmes supported by World City Links is to embrace and promote global partnerships and encourage sharing good practice, cultural exchange and the development of the global knowledge and skills of young people and professionals. World City Links has been active in this field since 2001 and have established international partnerships between hundreds of schools and organisations and have contributed to the professional development of staff and students by facilitating international work experience and cooperative development programmes.

Our programmes

Our programmes are based on an ethos of mutuality and emphasis is placed on the value of sharing knowledge, skills and practices between countries and cultures in order to broaden the capacity and skills of human resources in the UK and abroad.


Giving young people the chance to live and work abroad promotes a keen interest in international development, the cultures and peoples of other countries and instils the understanding and value of global partnerships and cooperation in development. Therefore, Intern International is committed to providing safe, meaningful and exciting internship opportunities to young people in the UK, boosting their skills and capabilities and supporting international partnerships.

“Being a language assistant in Thailand was a lot of fun and very worthwhile. I learnt so much about myself, I decided to become a teacher” . 

Rebecca 2017

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