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Intern International’s internships are designed to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the UK intern and of the people they will work with whilst abroad. We believe these internships will equip our interns and their overseas colleagues with enhanced cultural knowledge and skills suitable for a prosperous career in the global future.

Current Internship Opportunities

5 months language assistant in Thailand April 2021

1 month legal or finance internship in ChinaJuly 2021

5 months language assistant in China September 2021

1 month language assistant in Brazil July 2021

Summer Olympics volunteer in Japan July 2021

Intern International provides safe, reputable and valuable internships suitable for young adults in the UK. The service we provide includes:

  • Safe and comfortable accommodation within close commuting distance to your internship location
  • Ongoing management and guardianship from with the country and the UK with frequent contact through zoom and visits from an Intern International representative
  • The opportunity to intern with a friend (see below for details)
  • Basic training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and an introduction to the skills you will need
  • Assistance and guidance in booking flights, acquiring a visa and other pre-departure essentials
  • A short introduction to living and working in Thailand, China or Brazil
  • Personalised references and a certificate of internship completion to boost your CV and assist you once you finish your internship

Many international internship positions require applicants to hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher education equivalent, however, our paid internships are designed for students with A-levels or equivalent tertiary education qualifications – making an internship with Intern International the perfect way to fill a gap-year or gain work experience before entering employment. 

Intern with a friend! 

We like to encourage applicants to intern with a friend. Sharing your living and working experience abroad can be safer, less daunting and a lot more fun! If you and a friend apply together we will ensure that you intern at the same school and live together or very close to one another. If you apply alone but would prefer to share your experience with another intern we can pair you with someone with similar interests so that you can make a new friend and experience life in Thailand together.

To apply to intern with a friend fill out the relevant section of the application form and we will do the rest! 


Watch our programme participants’ videos to see firsthand what travelling and living abroad with Intern International can look like.

“As an intern,  I have enjoyed helping the students to grow in confidence when interacting in English, and gain an understanding of British culture. I feel I have gained a wide variety of skills from this internship, especially an understanding of Thai culture and communication skills. I have grown in confidence and made some long-lasting friendships. Teaching in Thailand can be really fun, the students are friendly and it’s a great working with them”

RUGI, 27, from London

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