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Our Partner Organisations  

We are proud to have certified partnerships with the following schools and organisations.

Bangkok College of Business and Commerce (BC BAT), Charansanitwong Schools of Business, Jinta Sirivittaya Technology and Asian School of Commerce, Yamseerd School, Bangkok Municipal Authority, Bangkok Health and Services Technological College, Burapaprachin Technical College, Eamla-or Vocational College, Kanchanaburi Vocational College, Kanchanapisek Technical College Mahanakorn, Nan Technical College, Phuket Polythechnic College, Pattana Technical College, Ratchaburi Vocational College, Sakonnakhon Technical College, Saraburi Technical College, Sikhoraphum Industrial and Community College, Suratthani Vocational College, Uttaradit Vocational College

The Position

You will take on the position of Language Teacher’s Assistant in a school in Bangkok. This position is vital to the Thai education system which is currently promoting programmes to advance the level of English spoken by their schoolchildren and the Thai population as a whole.

Thai English teachers will generally have a good command of English language, however, it is important to have a native English speaker to help pupils with pronunciation, conversational English, correct spelling and grammar and precise sentence structure. Your role will be imperative to the comprehensive teaching of pupils to read, write and converse in English.

You are only required to assist the language teacher during lessons and will not be asked to lead a full English class yourself. You may be asked to take small groups of children for conversation practice, role-playing and language based games and activities. You may also be asked to help children with project work based around the United Kingdom and British culture.

We expect that you will enjoy teaching and will pick up excellent teaching skills and may want to put yourself forward for additional teaching at a school-run English Club or English Camp.


You will be expected to work at the school for approximately 25 hours per week. This gives you lots of time off to explore Bangkok and get involved in other activities both within and outside of the school. Although your classroom hours will most likely be set, you may be required to help out in your free time or during weekends with extra-curricular school activities. Thai schools are very active in the community and embrace sports, music, Thai cultural events and religious activities. Therefore, you may be invited to assist or help out during activities such as sports days or school camps or festivals. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the Thai culture and way of life. Thai people place a great emphasis on fun and frivolity so these activities are always a great experience for foreigners.


You will be paid a good local salary of approximately 10,000 Baht per month. This is the normal going rate for Language Assistants in Thailand. This money will be paid to you monthly by your school or college’s bursar or financial administrator.


You will be provided with safe, clean and comfortable accommodation once you arrive in Thailand. For internships in schools and colleges this may be a room within the student halls on campus or a small condominium for teachers either on campus or just outside the school grounds. A member of Thai school staff will be allocated to help you with any accommodation issues you may have. Intern International staff will also be able to provide you support and advice on any accommodation issues.


When working in a school, your contract will expire at the end of the Thai school year in April – so you will have a long break, in which you can take the time to travel Thailand or visit a neighbouring country in beautiful Southeast Asia. You will also get holiday in early November for Thailand’s Loy Kratong festival.

“The benefit of the intern within the school was that we could help the children with pronouncement of words and also help them with grammar. We also got to interact with the children in our free time which was a truly enjoyable experience for me. The kids and the teachers were so helpful and wonderful to me throughout my whole time there. I have met so many wonderful people from this experience that I will never forget and made so many brilliant memories that will cherish forever.” 

Duncan, 22, Edinburgh

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